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Väsen & Trondheimsolistene

Väsen music in arrangements for String Orchestra by Hans Ek.
8/5 Levanger Kirke, Norway
9/5 Dokkhuset, Trondheim, Norway
12/5 Västerås Konserthus, Sweden

Folkmusikgalan 2015 in Uppsala

For the 5th time Väsen and Musik i Uppland invite musical friends from around the world for a big show at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, 18th of April.

This year we have the pleasure to present:

Dreamers Cirkus (from Denmark)
"I'm With Her Tour" with Sara Watkins
Sara Jarosz & Aoife O'Donovan (from USA)

Event link: www.ukk.se
Tickets: www.ticnet.se
Info: +46 (0) 18 727 90 00

Åretsgrupp 2015!

Väsen was awarded "Band of the year 2015" at the Folk & Världsmusikgalan in Stockholm.

New DVD/CD released Oct 25!

Väsen Live på Gamla Bion.

Price: 22 euro with post expenes included

DVD live på Gamla Bion, Väsen Väsen has been many times to Gamla Bion in Örsundsbro (the old cinema) during the 25 years we have played together. It's the amazing acoustics, nice audience and the warm atmosphere that always brings us back. We have also felt very welcomed by the enthusiastic association running the cinema. The idea for this recording came a few years ago, during Väsen's bicycle tour, when we were resting our legs outside the cinema, chatting with Eva Eldh, one of the organizers.

- You should make a live recording here at the cinema, Eva said.
- Yes, and you should make a film documentary about the place, Väsen said.

The ideas were planted and after some intense calling and organizing at the beginning of the summer, a film team and a sound engineer stood ready for Väsen's concert at the cinema 14th of July 2014.
Thanks to many supportive and generous people we could make this happen! The audience showed up and we captured a concert we'd like to share with people who couldn't come. Hope you like it!

Väsen 25 years!

25th October in Uppsala, "Väsen 25 years" big concert with guests: André Ferrari, Lena Willemark, JPP (Finland), Trio X, LinnaeusDansarna and more.

Come to Uppsala and celebrate together with us. To buy tickets from abroad (not Sweden) please email info@ukk.se or call the box office +46 18 727 90 00.

To buy tickets in Sweden use www.ukk.se and link to Ticnet.

PDF (english)
PDF (svenska)

Väsen Tune Book Vol 2!

Price: 20 euro with post expenes included
Song list here! click arrow

Väsenmedalj till Magnus Gustafsson

Magnus Gustafsson, spelman, musikforskare etc. från Nöbbele, Växjö erhöll historiens första Väsenmedalj.

Motivering: "Historiens första Väsenmedalj tilldelas Magnus Gustafsson för hans mångåriga och enastående gärning som spelman, inspiratör, musikforskare, utbildare, musikadministratör samt författare. För oss i Väsen har Magnus alltid varit en av de goda krafterna inom svensk folkmusik med sin djuplodande kunskap om vår genre. Därför är det med stolthet vi har den stora äran att hänga vår medalj kring halsen på denna småländska hedersknyffel!

Väsen - 2013 World Music Torchbearer Award Winner!!!!!!

Tusen tack alla som röstade på oss!
Thank you so much everybody that voted for us!

Link: worldmusic.about.com/od/2013-Readers-Choice-Awards/ss/2013-World-Music-At-About-com-Readers-Choice-Award-Winners.htm

Mindset (2013)

New CD out: "Mindset"

We are really happy to announce that our 10th studio album is released and available to buy from our website!

Mindset reflects very much where the trio is musically at the moment. A set of original tunes with big variations. A band more tuned in to each other, more inventive and more skilled than ever before.
"Väsen is one of the best bands in the world, and once again, they've delivered." -about.com

Price: 20 euro (post expenses included).  

Folkmusikgalan 2013 in Uppsala.

For the 4th time Väsen invite musical friends from around the world for a big show at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, 13th of April. Concert.

Link: www.ukk.se/Konsert/kalendarium/Folkmusikgalan-2013

Väsen and Le Vent Du Nord with a grant for Quebec, Tour 2013!

The "Statens Musikverk" (Music Development and Heritage Sweden) have decided to support the colaboration between Väsen and Le Vent Du Nord with a grant of 300 000 SEK.

We just had a really fun tour together in the Nordic countries and thanks to this grant the project will continue in Quebec, Canada in Januari 2013!

VÄSEN - Skräplandschottis (Mikael Marin) from Precious Productions on Vimeo.

VÄSEN - Hasse A's (Mikael Marin) from Precious Productions on Vimeo.

VÄSEN - Eklundapolska no3 from Precious Productions on Vimeo.


Väsen live on KEXP Seattle

Interview with Väsen in RootsWorld!

Folk Musik fest at Katalin 23/3

Katalina poster 2011

Katalin, East Station in Uppsala (Sweden)

On Stage: 20:00
Doors open: 18:00
Ticket price: 225: - including service charge
Reservations: Call 018-140680

To purchase tickets and more information http://www.katalin.com

For the first time together on stage after the success of Anundshög outside Västerås in 2009, Essence 4 and Lena Willemark. Together composed and performed the music for "Anund-All tid är nu" and there are selected parts of it which, among other things that will be heard.

Väsens Notbok

Now you can order Väsen's
18 most popular tunes transcribed!

You order it directly here on our website!
Songlist here! click arrow

Price 15 euro

Crooked Still

Saturday 27 march, 16.00
Uppsala Konsert & Kongress - Sweden

Tickets: 300 kr, with unt-card 240 kr.
www.ticnet.se, ticnetombud, +46 77-170 70 70

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress +46 18-727 90 00
UNT +46 18-478 10 70

"Väsen Street" nominated to the Swedish Grammis!

Väsen celebrates 20 years with a new CD "Väsen Street"

New CD "Väsen Street".

Högsta betyg för jubileumsalbum - Upsala Nya Tidningen Betyg 5 av 5
Lika mycket övertygar samspelet, rörelsen, tekniken. - Hallandsposten Betyg 5 av 5
Det låter flödigt och svängigt, ljust och medryckande. - Dagens Nyheter Betyg 4 av 5

Väsen Street is a new recording with Väsen as a trio.
Olov Johansson, Roger Tallroth and Mikael Marin have toured together for 20 years and are now celebrating with this new recording. It’s a mixed repertoire with new composed material, old Väsen favorites not recorded earlier and some traditional Uppland tunes.
Väsen Street is the street in Bloomington, Indiana that Team Väsen is working to get named after us. They have already made the street sign! It’s also the imaginary street where we and all our fellow musicians, friends and fans meet to have fun with this music.

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